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5 Books and Movies That Were Really Made by the Ghostwriters

There are numerous famous ghost written books to find online. Many of them might have been ghostwritten, or written by someone else other than the published author. There you can find something interesting for you about best ghost writing. And check out below for more information.

famous ghost written books

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Ghostwriting Books on the Pop Culture

Pop culture is an essential place, and it includes some diverse topics like dating, parenting, sexuality, relationship, graffiti, technology, music, art, fashion, and others. Successful ghostwriting as nonfiction does not depend only on the technical skills of ghostwriters but also on her knowledge about the topic question. The best ghostwriters do not only need to know about different genres but also know about the mainstream culture. Keep in mind that in ghostwriting, it is about versatility.

Famous Books Written by Ghostwriters: Books, Movies and TV Shows:

  1. “The Curse of Yig by Zelia Bishop”: It was ghosted by H.P Lovecraft.
  2. “Daughter of the Tejas by Ophelia Ray”: It was ghosted by Larry McMurtry.
  3. “Tennis As I Play It by Maurice McLoughlin”: It was ghosted by Sinclair Lewis.
  4. “Old Soldier Sahib by Frank Richards”: It was ghosted by Robert Graves.
  5. “Inside the Medium’s Cabinet by Joseph Dunninger”: It was ghosted by Walter B. Gibson.
  6. “The Player on the Other Side by Ellery Queen”: It was ghosted by Theodore Sturgeon.
  7. “The Madman Theory by Ellery Queen”: It was ghosted by Jack Vance.
  8. “My Chinese Marriage by Mae Franking”: It was ghosted by Katherine Anne Porter.

Ghostwritten Celebrity Books: Ghost Writing Average Salary

In 2011, authors earned averaged a salary of $68,070 each year. According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the midpoint or the median salary for ghost writing is about $55,870 every year. Maybe even higher if you were trump’s writer.

  • Pay per project: Some of the goose bumps ghostwriters are freelancers, wherein they charge on a per project basis. The average cost for book publishing is about $22,800.
  • Pay per hour: Some ghostwriters charge on pay per hour basis. Some charges about $73 per hour for ghostwriters who have credit, but for those who do not have, they charge $70 per hour.
  • Pay per page: Some ghostwriters charge a project by pages.
  • Business rates: When it comes to book publishing, ghostwriters charge about $750 for each project.

Famous ghostwriters who have credit on works charge higher compared to others who do not have. If you want a quality book, you can always opt for mysterious writer anytime you want, but take note that the fees is different from one to another.

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